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Bird flu and pigeons

Some people say that pigeons can carry bird flu. However all evidence from scientific research shows that pigeons are far less sensitive to avian influenza than other bird species. Furthermore, recent research shows that feral pigeons pose only sporadic health risks to human beings. The risk of disease from pigeons is very low, even for humans involved in occupations that bring them into close contact with nesting sites.

Moreover, wild pigeons are resident birds and are therefore unable to spread disease from one place to another. Humans however move from one city to another throughout the whole country and are more likely to carry contagious material and spread diseases. There is far greater chance of H5N1 being released into the environment by trucks moving across the UK which are carrying thousands of dead infected birds at this moment than pigeons spreading the virus.

Racing pigeons do however fly from one part of the country to another. Stopping these races (which is now the case in the UK) makes some sense; but even in other European countries, racing has not been cancelled due to the low risk of flu transmission by pigeons while other birds and poultry must be kept inside after the outbreak of bird flu in Suffolk in Feb 2007.


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