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Pigeon Lofts
Pigeon Nuisance

The opening


13th of October, 2004
The first municipal pigeon loft in the city centre of Amsterdam was inaugurated on the parking deck of the Bijenkorf store near the Dam. Click here for more information about the loft itself.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Speech by Mr. J.G.S. Maessen, store manager of the Bijenkorf.

Speech by Mr. M. Frankenhuis, former director of Amsterdam Zoo Artis.


Speech by Central Amsterdam city councillor Mr. G. Frankfurther


The designer of the pigeon loft, Rotterdam artist Stefan Gross.


Unveiling the pigeon loft


Bijenkorf store manager Mr. Maessen, city councillor Mr. G. Frankfurther, LWD coordinator Ms. M. Drijgers and volunteers coordinator Ms. A. van de Werd give a toast to the opening of the loft.


First look inside


Crowding in to view the new pigeon home


A first potential tenant also shows interest


Designer of the loft Mr. S. Gross and maker of the loft Mr. L. Platjé (Klimakon Systems)


Ms. T. Hekking of Central Amsterdam city council and Mr. L. Platjé of Klimakon Systems


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